Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Wine bottle bird feeder made with reclaimed barn wood and wine bottle. Wine bottle held in place with a deer antler. Black chain attached to top roof to hang the bird feeder from a shepherd hook or to hang on a post or a tree limb. Bird feeder is designed to easily lift bottle towards the top roof and then slide to the side to remove and fill with bird seed. To insert wine bottle, lay feeder on its side and easily slide wine bottle back into place. As birds visit your bird feeder and eat the bird seed, the bird seed slowly exits the wine bottle into the holding tray where birds can feast on this cleverly built bird feeder.

A perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast and the wine connoisseur.

Bird feeder measures approximately 18 inches tall, 10 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

Antler and wine bottle style will vary. Pics can be sent prior to shipping to confirm exact style if desired.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder
  • Item #: WBF-932
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Price $35.00